Monday, June 11, 2012

Let me see your peacock....

When I created this handsome peacock, I couldn't help but sing Katy Perry's song Peacock in my head.  My daughter was mortified when I started singing it at the dinner table.

I know that's not the most appropriate song for the dinner table, but in my house nothing is off limits....especially during dinner.  Rarely does an entire meal go by without someone mentioning poop or other bodily functions.

My husband has learned to live with it over the years and has actually joined in during a few of our disgusting dinner time discussions.

Anyways, here's the latest!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Beanie Chimp

So, I have really enjoyed drawing animals.  I usually stick to girls, but when I decided to draw the giraffe I was really inspired.

People love animals.  People love animals more when they are wearing or doing people stuff!  Not sure why, but it's true.

Here's my little chimp wearing his cool knit beanie!  He's kind of a skater chimp.

Not sure what I'll do for my next drawing/painting.  Thinking about maybe a meerkat or otter.  I mean who doesn't like otters?

Any suggestions?

Side note:  My 16 year old daughter started work this week.  She works at The Artist Within as an assistant.  Her hours are from 9am to 4pm.  Tuesday she worked from 9am to 6:30 pm.  On day three, when we pulled up to the school she burst into tears!  She said..."I'm so tired.  Working is hard!"  I just had to laugh.  It is so funny seeing her get her first taste of the "real world."  By day 5 she was much better, though.  I'm so proud of her!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Hipster Giraffe

Here is something I've been working on this week.  My husband and I spent Friday night in San Antonio.  While we were walking around, I saw a place called the Pink Giraffe.  It totally inspired me!  When we got home I started out thinking I would make my own pink giraffe.  As I started working, I realized that I wanted to go in a different direction.  Thus, the hipster giraffe was born!

I really like how he turned out!  So, now I'm thinking about doing a series!  I posted his picture on Facebook and I actually sold it!  Yay!  And it wasn't just a pity wasn't a close friend buying it, but rather a woman that goes to my church that I have met maybe once and she bought it because she likes it not because she's my friend.  Did that rambling make sense?  Anyways, I'm super excited and can't wait to get started on the next animal!