Saturday, April 5, 2014

I will keep you safe and warm

I was playing in my Moleskein with my new book from Suzi Blu,Mixed-Media girls.  I love how she explains step-by-step the shading of the face.  Follow the link to purchase her book!  It's awesome!

This sweet girl was the result.  It's definitely a practice, since you can see the hair lines that run through the deer's ear.  I copied it and then transferred the picture to another piece of mixed-media paper.  I am going to attempt to replicate it.  I've transferred drawings before, but I know that even when the pencil lines (bones) of the drawing are the same, no two pieces come out the same.  It's all the other stuff, the paint, colored pencil (flesh) of the drawing that always varies.  

Once I'm done, I'm going to add the words "I will keep you safe and warm" to her hair.  I have really been digging gouache paint.  It's my new favorite!  My other new favorite is the sparkly gelli roll pens.  I love sparkles and glitter!  

Don't be afraid to try new supplies.  I was really nervous about trying gouache, but now I love it!


  1. Your 'caption' of "I will keep you safe and warm" is perfect for this lovely girl and sweet little deer! You've done a beautiful job with the shading of her face ~ that, along with her eyes and lips, really bring her to life. The deer is just too adorable!
    (I came here from Creative Every Day)

  2. looks really that orange.