Friday, January 1, 2016

New year...New start

2016 is bringing several changes for me and my family. Two weeks ago, my husband was offered a position at the Shell refinery in Geismar, Louisiana. I have lived in Houston, Texas since I was three and both of my girls were born here. Moving to Louisiana is definitely a big change for this family! I'll have to find a new job and my youngest will change schools mid-year. Our oldest is in college, so she won't be coming with us. Lots of changes and uncertainty, but amazingly I'm pretty calm about it!
I think art journaling has helped me process my fears and anxieties. 

My plan is to do more with my blog this year. I've already created a YouTube channel and  two art journal videos and I'm super excited to make more! Once I get to Louisiana, my next step is an etsy store. I've been working on a new name for my blog and products. After a lot of thought and research, I've decided on the name Eclectic Heart Studio. I feel like it best represents who I am as an artist. 

This is going to be an amazing journey and I hope that you will join me. My goal for all of this is to create a loving community where we inspire each other to put aside our fears and make beautiful art! 

Here is my first video to help get you started!

Happy journaling! 

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