Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Tucker the little _ucker

When our sweet hedgehog, Willie, passed away, our girls were devastated.  Especially our youngest.  We had a proper burial along with a short sermon by Daddy.  After a respectful mourning period of a few weeks, the girls decided they wanted to get a kitten.  Their Dad had already said, "No cats!" so they knew they had their work cut out for them.  They got on our Mac and created an amazing power point presentation about why they wanted a kitten.  They even included pictures and a original song to the music of the spice girls.  It was super cute!  No person in their right mind could deny them now.  After they presented their power point, their dad finally caved.  Enter Tucker.  He was the cutest kitten at the SPCA.  He was sweet and loving.  Little did we know that once he comfortably settled into our home, he would quickly morph into a child chasing, baby biting, cabinet raiding ball of "furry!"  It wasn't until we had sunk hundreds of dollars into this cat that his true colors emerged.  He was officially ours and he knew it!  We have now had him for a little over a year.  He has already chewed through most of the pull cords on our wooden blinds, broken "froggie's" aquarium, bitten several of our friends, and peed in the wet bar sink.  However, he has this knack for knowing when you've had a really bad day.  It's on those days that he lays down and lets you cuddle him for a few minutes before he is off to terrorize someone else.  I have to say that our lives would be much more boring if Tucker was not around.  I can say that there are many moments of sweetness and I am forever hopeful that this is "just a phase" that he will outgrow.  Until then, my spray bottle will stay filled with water.

Art journal supplies: gesso, magazine clippings, mod podge, scrapbook paper, water color crayons, and a black sharpie.

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