Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Damn it!!!

Last night I decided to work on a face using only graphite.  I thought it was turning out pretty good and then I held it up.  I was like....damn it!  I think the nose is too far down.

It's actually not that big of a deal. I can just graphite the back of the original and then transfer the picture and move the nose up.  But it's just frustrating when you work and work and then realize that you screwed up!

  So in my frustration, I turned to my art journal and just played.  By the end, I felt much better.  I love art journaling.  It is so freeing!  No pressure to "get it right" because it's just a journal!

 It's not finished, by the way.

If you have any suggestions for the face, I would be grateful for your help!

I still have soooooo much to learn!


  1. Nicole, anyone who's trying to improve their drawing skills has done this... nose too low, too left, too right, one eye too big, too small, etc. You did the smart thing (after this) to go straight to playing in your journal. (your page is beautiful btw)

    As for the drawing, it really doesn't look that bad to me. You did a great job with the shading (near the nostrils). Noses are very difficult for most people because they are mostly shading. Don't be too hard on yourself. I think it's a damn fine looking nose. xoxo

  2. Your face is fabulous. Every face is unique in life and in art. I think she is beautiful, almost like a woman from the renaissance era.

  3. Her nose is fine, not everybody is the same, she looks very good :)

  4. It's perfect - I definitely want to try journalling it looks very cool :)