Monday, March 26, 2012

Fiona and her flamingo

I am so excited to be linking up with Amy.  She has invited fellow artists to create together and learn about each other at the same time.  Technically, I have until May 18th to have this post done, but I got so excited I couldn't wait.  When I sat down to paint something for the challenge, I really didn't have any specific idea set in my mind.  I just started working on the girl and the rest evolved from there.  The one part of the challenge that I am not very comfortable with is the "tooting of one's own horn."  We are supposed to talk about how awesome we are and other things about ourselves.  So, in keeping with the I go!

A little about me:

I grew up here in Houston, Texas.  I was adopted from North Carolina at 6 weeks old.  I was quite the rebellious teenager, although I couldn't hold a candle to my older brother!  It took me a long time to realize or even accept how cool of a person I am....What is awesome about me? 

I am smart.  Way smarter than I ever thought I was in school.  It just took awhile to get there. :)

I am very accepting.  As long as you are nice to me, then I will be nice to you.  Don't care what size, color, age, sexual orientation, whatever.  Be my friend and I'll be yours!

I'm adventurous and spontaneous.  Not adventurous like go hiking up Mt. Everest...but like grab the kids and hubby and just go somewhere fun for the day without planning it. 

Well, that was a little outside of my comfort zone, but I'm glad we were pushed to share.  I can't wait to see what others do. 

Here's the art part of the challenge :)
This is Fiona.  She has a sweet little pet flamingo that loves being held.  This is a mixed-media painting on a medium weight 15 x 20 piece of illustrator board.  I used colored pencil, water color, and acrylic paint to make this piece.  She will be given away at the end of this challenge.  If you want to join in, just click on Amy's name at the top of this post or the All together now button on my page and sign up!  Easy, peasy!

Oh....I forgot to mention in order to win her just leave a comment and join in with Amy and the all together group and I will choose randomly!  Thanks!


  1. I had trouble with the bragging part too! Love your flamingo girl! Glad you joined in to the party!

  2. Hi Nicole! :) So nice of you to share a little something about yourself. :) I love your Fiona with the flamingo. Count me in! :)

  3. Oow you so belong in this Amy orientated group lol Your "Fiona and her flamingo" is awesome!!!! If you want to free your self and learn to share yourself more, stick with us kiddo, you'll soon be telling us stuff you hadn't even noticed about yourself before :D Lovely to meet you Nicole :D XXX

  4. It's good to step outside your comfort zone sometimes!
    Fiona, and her flamingo, are lovely!

  5. I loved that you got so excited you posted in March!!

    I have a thing about flamingos too - she is a real poppet.

    Thanks for sharing with us :)

  6. Pink is adventurous alone, and to match it with an artsy flamingo and the green of a pretty girl's eyes... well, magic!

  7. This is wonderful. Your post makes me happy. Accepting is the best thing a person can be (other than maybe rich? it would be so nice to be rich, i think. one of my friends seems to be rich and i always think - jeez. can you imagine? i'd go to starbucks every day. and also buy a new book every day. and go on vacation) but accepting is good too.
    anyway, i saw this last night but i was really tired and so what i didn't do was comment on your painting. which i now want to compliment you on.
    i really like that you added an element other than a portrait. that is something that is not my strength - adding interest beyond a face - so i am impressed and think it looks wonderful.
    i'm happy that you stepped outside of your comfort zone and said positive things about yourself. it's your blog! we need to hear more about how great you are.

  8. The bragging part is hardest for me too - makes me squirm! But you did a great job, how wonderful to think of being accepting as something to brag about, because it SO is! And your mixed media painting is absolutely lovely...

  9. great post! makes me want to go spontaneously hug a flamingo. my guess is I would not look as serene as Fiona if I did. love your open minded adventurous spirit. the world needs waaaay more acceptance.

  10. Hi, Nicole -
    Why is it so difficult to say nice things about ourselves when we always say them about others? I love your painting. Fiona has such a sweet face. I used to live in Florida - the land of the pink flamingo. Now I live in Las Vegas, where we have The Flamingo Hotel & Casino. I think I like the live ones better...

  11. This is my first time visiting your blog. I can't believe you had this planned and ready to go back in March. Totally AWESOME. I'm really impressed that you shared so much about your life. That takes a caring and loving person. You are my kind of person, because I agree I'll be nice to you, if you are nice to me. Of course, you also have to accept Bleubeard who is now shedding quite badly (grin).

  12. Glad I found you, Fiona!
    Love your Flamingo painting!

  13. How cute you are to post so early! It feels so good to be excited about something...and right now, I'm so excited to meet you and get acquainted with your work!

    Fiona and her flamingo are just darling! I love the colors! You can never go wrong including an animal in a portrait, I say! Makes things so much more interesting!

    I will be following you on your artistic journey now

  14. Ever since high school (those good old rebellious years) I have loved flamingos- I would love to be like Fiona and have a flamingo of my own to hold- esp. since the kids are way past the age of wanting to be held- and my back couldn't take it if they did since they are teens. Thanks for stepping out of your comfort zone- it was great to meet you!

  15. Hey, It's late but I'm still partying, just reading how fabulous we all are & you know what how cool is it to be in such awesome company - love your toot & so I'm now following - you are smart, I think we get smarter as we grow & learn, so it's cool to celebrate all that's good about us & Amy was totally inspired making us leave our modest comfort zones & self-toot ;) Your artwork is delicious & flamingos are stunning, I feel like jumping the zoo fence & hugging them each time I see them... actually I think this gorgeous mixed media looks like a dream visit to the zoo - very cool - & I identify with all the hat's you wear - still trying to win lotto so I can give up my day job & just do art (oh & driving/cooking & picnicing of course). Great to meet you - fun visit :)

  16. So happy to have found you!
    LOVE your painting (the colors, the subject - so cool!) and blog (great header, btw) - thank you for sharing,
    Kristin xo!

  17. she is so cute and flamingo's are my FAV.'s at the zoo..they are lucky to be pink! Thanks for creating a special piece for the art swap.. Hugs

  18. I love Fiona, she's beautiful, so is her pet Flamingo! :)

    (My blog is at but my google account points toward a blog I have not used in years!)