Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Anemone Heart

This weekend Avery, my oldest, had to cheer at the Spring Football game.  Normally I let the youngest stay home, but since she spends most of her time inside glued to her ipad, I figured some outside time would be beneficial.  She was not happy at first, but then she saw several friends at the game and all was good again!

After the game, I spent the rest of the evening drawing.  Again, I never have a specific idea or vision in my head when I start, but I have been wanting to draw a girl with a flower as her heart.  It was not an easy concept to translate, but I was pleased with the results.  It took me all weekend to finish...in between laundry and being a mom.

On a different note, I have really stalled with my weight loss.  I have only lost 12 lbs. and it seems the more I focus on it the less I lose.  I've been getting on the elliptical about 2x/week for about 20 mins. and then doing some weights.  Maybe I'm gaining muscle....yeah, that's it....I'm gaining muscle.  We'll go with that!

Hope you have a great week!


  1. I sympathise on the lack of weight loss, I've been out scaring the birds in my skimpies today lol Have to grab as much vitamin D as you can round here before the sun disappears again :D Love your lady with the green eyes and her floral heart :D XXX

  2. I love this portrait Nicole, she's just so pretty!!

  3. Oooo, Nicole she resembles Belle to me....beautiful and solemn!

    I've given up on trying to lose right now....we'll soon be on a month long camping trip filled with long car rides and fast food....no point til I return!

    Best wishes!

  4. this is so lovely
    it looks like she has on a shear dress, a sweet look.

    yep gaining muscle, that does happen.

  5. What a beautiful lady you made! ♥

  6. She is stunning. Her eyes are enthralling...

    And losing weight can be quite a challenge, I have a pound or two to get rid off and I'm have been writing--on my butt--for so many days that I don't see it happening any time soon *sigh*

  7. Nicole - this is so pretty & sympathise on the weight loss - I get so bored with exercise when I could be doing cool stuff... like painting :) Anyway, weight loss is fine & dandy but it doesn't make us better mothers or artists, just slimmer ones ;)