Friday, February 4, 2011

What do I believe to be true?

"Some things are true, whether you believe them or not."

I saw this quote from the movie City of Angels and it really inspired me.  It prompted me to think about the things that I believe to be true:
The Bible
The healing power of forgiveness
That life is sacred
One day I will see my loved ones again

I also believe that the most important thing you can do is be present. That's why children are always so happy.  They live for today.  When they play, they are completely in the moment.  They aren't thinking about the thousand other things they could be doing instead of playing.  They become what they are playing.
What a magical thing that we have lost...being present.
That is why I paint.  It gives me a chance to let go of all of my daily "stuff" and create something new that didn't exist before.

I challenge you to find that one thing that allows you to become completely present.  Where you lose your since of time and nothing else seems to matter at that moment except for what you are doing.

Be Present.

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