Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Little Artist

I have always said that my children need to be involved in something outside of school.  I think that it helps keep them busy and out of trouble.  It also gives them a sense of belonging.  My oldest daughter has tried a lot of different things.  She's done dance, horseback riding, and cheer.  My youngest has also tried several things, but had never really found anything she liked until recently. 

She has always loved drawing and is pretty good at it.  A friend of mine told me about an art school called The Artist Within.  Her son was taking classes there and really enjoyed it, so we went to check it out. 

Right away I knew Addison would like it!  Everywhere you looked there were paints, paintbrushes, and pencils.  

I was ready to jump in and start painting just seeing all of this artistic goodness!

The owner/teacher, Tom, is great!  Addison, being my anxious kid, felt right at home.  She has been going now for two months and she has already finished 4 paintings.  I love to see the progression of her artwork.  
Here she is working on her coral snake.  She was inspired by my friend's corn snake, Maisy!

The class that she is in is two hours long and they even provide a snack for the kids! :)  
Spider Man watches from on top of the book shelf!  He's pretty cool!

Here are the paintings Addison has done so far....

This one is my favorite!  

The Artist Within is located in Cypress on Grant Road.  If your child loves to draw, I would definitely encourage you to check it out!  Tom even has a $20.00 one time try-it class!  He also has classes for adults.  I plan on giving that a try in the near future!

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