Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Postcard Penpals

When I was in elementary school, my father worked with a man from Australia.  He also had a daughter about my age named Kathy.  I was always an avid writer, whether in my diary or letters to friends, so my dad thought it would be great if I started corresponding with Kathy.  He was right!  It was so cool writing to a girl in Australia.  She would tell me about Sydney and when she said Mum instead of Mom, I thought that was so cool!  We even sent each other gifts.  She sent me a Koala Bear pin and Kangaroo keychain.  I sent her a large armadillo stuffed animal.

These days people don't really use snail mail that much and pen pals are almost extinct.  At least that is what I thought until I saw my friend's blog about Postcrossing.  It is the coolest thing ever!  You can check out the link at

I signed us up and Addison, my ten year old, was very excited.  We got our first few names and went to Walmart to get some Texas postcards.  So far we have sent 3.  1 to Poland, 1 to Russia, and 1 to China.  We have also received our first postcard from Toronto, Canada.

How cool is that!?  Addison was so excited about getting mail, especially from another country!  We put her first postcard on her bulletin board and are eagerly awaiting the next one.  I am excited to see her collection grow.  We also checked out the city on the internet to learn more about where the postcard came from.  This postcard traveled 2095 km and took 12 days to reach us!

Let me know if you start postcrossing!  I would love to here about it!

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