Saturday, March 10, 2012

You've got mail!

Over at Inspiration Avenue the weekly challenge was your own interpretation of "You've got mail." I immediately thought of how post crossing has changed the way I look at mail.

When I was young, I always had a pen pal.  When my best friend from Kindergarten moved in the 5th grade to Taiwan, letters were the only way that we could keep in touch, since calling was too expensive.  We wrote to each other often.  I remember the first time my dad told me that I had a letter from Maggie.  I screamed and raced down the stairs.  It was so cool that it had air mail written all over it!

Now that we have the internet, email, and texting, it seems that we don't need letters to keep in touch.  We just go on facebook and see what's happening in real time.  I love the convenience of it, but I feel sad that my children don't know what it's like to send and receive letters.  Then a friend told me about postcrossing. It's a cool project that connects people from all over the world through postcards!  Since I signed myself and my daughter up, we have received cards from Poland, Russia, China, The Netherlands, Taiwan, India, Latvia, Spain, and Australia, just to name a few.  Each postcard is tracked on their website and we can see how many miles it traveled and how long it took to get to us.  We have really enjoyed looking forward to checking the mail.

In honor of one of my new hobbies, I decided to create a piece of artwork about postcrossing on top of a letter that I received from my parents the other day.  I used the large envelope as my canvas.  Hope you like it.

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