Saturday, August 13, 2011

Freshman Orientation

I can't believe that summer is almost over!  When you work full-time, I think it goes by even faster.  We didn't go out of town this summer, but we did do a little "staycationing".  We went to Kemah Boardwalk one weekend.  Avery's cheer coach went with us and we had a blast!  Then we also took a day and went down to Galveston Beach.  The girls really had a great time and the beach was much nicer than I had remembered.
With the start of school being a week away, the cheerleaders at Avery's high school had to perform at the Freshman orientation.  This was one of the first major events Avery has cheered for and I was very excited to get to go see her in action.  Of course, the moment I pulled out the camera with the telephoto lens her face turned from happy, excited to Oh my gosh, total humiliation.  As if I was the only parent with a camera!  Please!
Anyway, she quickly got over it and was able to help get the crowd going.
Their mascot is a lobo, which is a spanish wolf.  Who knew?  They actually have two mascots this year, so there is a girl lobo and a boy lobo.  Very cute!
The whole purpose of the pep rally was to introduce the in-coming freshman to several of the different activities they can become involved with at Langham Creek High School.  The athletics department spoke briefly and they also had the ROTC program perform.  It was really neat.
Even though Avery was exhausted from last week's cheer camp, she did a great job performing for the pep rally.  Of course, I'm a little biased, but she is a great little cheerleader!!!

Man, I love that kid!

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