Thursday, August 25, 2011

Impromptu Photoshoot

The other night Addison and I were in the play room watching television.  It was the weekend so we didn't have to go to bed early.  Avery walked in and asked if Addison wanted to take some pictures.  Addison jumped at the chance, since she adores her sister and will do just about anything to spend time with her.  They quickly ran off to Avery's room and shut the door.  I went back to my t.v. show.

Probably 48 hours or dateline.  (I can't get enough of those true life mystery shows!)

About 45 minutes later they emerged from her room and fell right back into being couch potatoes with their mom.  I was so into my show, I didn't even stop to ask to see what they had done.
 (Photo shoots with Avery are the norm around our household.)
It wasn't until later, when Avery showed me the pictures from that quick, impromptu photo shoot, that I realized what a magical connection my girls have with each other.  The way that Avery was able to catch the spirit of her sister with just a camera, low lighting, and a teddy bear literally took my breath away.

Maybe I'm just another mother sporting a large pair of "Mommy Goggles", but I really think believe she has a gift.  She has a way of capturing not only a nice portrait of someone, but the very essence of who they are.

This one brought tears to my eyes.  Addison is almost eleven and this year she has really sprouted her wings.  She is becoming such a confident young lady, but yet she still clings to the safety of childhood.
I don't think this could have been captured any better!

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