Sunday, August 7, 2011

A Hidden Talent

My oldest daughter, Avery, will be a Junior in High School this year.  She has always enjoyed taking pictures, but it was during her Photography class last year that she really caught the "bug".  Her Photography teacher praised her and told her that she had a natural talent, but, of course, Avery didn't believe her.  These are the first pictures she took with her 35 mm SLR.
This her friend Sierra

An old monument in Dallas
This is one of my favorites!
She then started setting up photo shoots with her sister.  Let me tell you....she had to really beg to get her sister to model for her.  Texas summers are brutal and we spend most of our time indoors or at the pool!  This one was inspired by Ralph Lauren.

She fell in love with the fashion side of photography and has spent her summer setting up shoots.  Here's one she did with her friend, Sierra.

Addison was the assistant in this one.  She ran the "misting machine"! AKA the water hose.
Avery was quickly blowing through her money getting the film developed,  so she borrowed her grandfather's DSLR and did a photo shoot with one of my friend's daughter.  This gave her so much more to work with and she didn't have to spend money to get the pictures!  These are some of the best ones:

Talk about a trooper!  This sweet little girl was so hot, but she never complained!  She was a perfect little model.  Avery is now completely hooked.  She wants to get her degree in photography and a minor in business.  I know that whatever she sets her mind to, she will succeed!

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