Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Block Party

This saturday, the girls and I went to a classic Halloween block party!  My friends Jill and Janet decided to throw the party at their houses.  I quickly volunteered myself and Avery to do face painting.  We made a sign with the designs that we thought we could handle.  I didn't want some kid walking up and asking me to paint a a knight slaying a fire breathing dragon.  Keep it simple, Man...Keep it simple!
Mason was our first customer!  Gotta love the purple sucker drool!

Anyways, there were also some classic Halloween games....Bobbing for apples, ring toss, eating donuts off of a string without using your hands.  Ok, so maybe not all of them were classic.

Here's Avery "cheerfully" helping.

Addison bobbing for apples and mono....just kidding!
Jill's daughter, Chloe.
The kids had such a good time.  Everyone brought a bag of candy and a dessert, so there were plenty of treats.
One mom made these cute little owl cookies!  The beak is a peanut half.

 The kids also voted for the best costume.  A little girl named Laney won.  I have to say, her costume was pretty cute!
One game that was fun to watch was where they had to find a gummy bear in a pile of pudding without using their hands.  The kids really got into it!
Janet set up a "Gross" station.  She had bowls filled with all kinds of things....intestines, tongues, skin, and teeth.  The bowls were covered with a cloth and the kids had to put on a blind fold before they reached in to feel the items.  It was really creepy and fun!

Janet's daughter, Rachel
All in all, I think the party was a great success!  It really brought back memories and reminded me of the importance of community and creating lasting memories for our children.

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