Thursday, November 17, 2011

AED #17 Little Pink Houses

I have really been enjoying the comments that people leave.  Linking up with AED has opened me up to new artists.  I love to check all the other links and see what everyone is doing in the world of art.  This journal entry was really just an experiment with my neocolor watercolor crayons.  I wanted the drippy effect and those crayons are great for that.  I covered the pages in old book pages and then went crazy with the crayons.  I had so much fun.  Then I cut out some birds from a vintage children's book.  When it was done I immediately thought of the song Little Pink Houses by John Melloncamp.


  1. It's so happy! I love this piece.

  2. I loved that mellancamp song... this reminds me of it too now that you have mentioned it... going to go get it from itunes and bug my daughter by playing it really loud I think!!! Thanks for the ammunition!!