Thursday, November 3, 2011

Count your blessings

This is going to be a quick post.  Between Addison's field day and Avery's 3 hour cheer practice, I didn't have a whole lot of time.  I had started this piece the other day by covering the Crescent board with different papers and paint.  I had in my head that I wanted to paint a sheep or a ram.  Not sure why.  That's just what came to me.  So I looked up images on the internet for referrence and dove in.  It took me a few hours to finish and since my "studio" is also the play room, Addison and I watched a few episodes of Goosebumps and The Haunting Hour while I painted.  I love having my "studio" set up in the playroom.  It allows me to spend time with two of my favorite people and work on my art at the same time!


  1. what a sweet reminder.

  2. Baa! That's a great picture and wonderful that you are creating right next to your loved ones.