Tuesday, November 15, 2011

AED Day 15 Feather

With my daughter's cheer competitions, I have not been able to post or make much of anything.  Yesterday I went from my full-time job to my volunteering in an art class and then straight to a two hour practice.  I got home around 9:45 and then had to do a few things for work!
I exhaust myself just thinking about it.
Anyways, I have been wanting to work on a peacock feather for sometime.  Again, I never know why something pops into my head as far as inspiration, but once it does it stays there until I at least attempt the idea.  Out came my prismacolor pencils and moleskine.  I found an image on the web for reference.  I really enjoyed using the pencils to blend the colors.  It was very relaxing.

Our second cheer competition is this Saturday.  Cobalt who? Blue 42...Set, Hike!  Sorry...I just unexpectedly break out in our team's chant sometimes.  I know.  It's a sickness.  I will seek help.....tomorrow.

My hope is that I can do some artwork this weekend.  Maybe even tonight!


  1. Peacock feathers are magical to me! I love how you blended the colors!!

  2. I like your feather too, especially the straggly barbs. (We think the individual parts are called barbs...hubby just came into room and we had a chat about feathers as I was typing this comment.)
    I digress. Peacoks are the most beautiful of birds, but sometimes in the rain they can look bedraggled like the rest of us..well me anyway.
    Lovely prisma work too...
    Gwen xx (sorry for the ramble...I get a bit carried away)

  3. This is really pretty--I love the shades of green and blue you used! And I had to smile when seeing your banner photo...I'm wearing my fluffy lavender socks as we speak :)

  4. Such a beautiful peacock feather. I am so loving feathers right now! Hope your life doesn't stay so crazy and you get some art time.